CorgiOnMars (CORMARS) — Newest Meme Token with strong deflation token model

The Fear

Corgi OnMars
2 min readMay 9, 2021

In the morning of early summer, Corgi is hiding his bones in the backyard. Suddenly, the radio broadcast news about Covid-19. Stop digging and raises his ears, Corgi scared the sh*t out when find out over 3millions people die because of Covid.

The Earth is f**ked !!!

“F*ck this sh*t, I’m out!!”, he thinks.

But go where ?? The moon is full of husky, shiba, safemoon, safedoge… I need to go further !!!

The Decision

Then suddenly the second times, the radio plays the “Signal From Mars” music. THAT’S IT !!t, that’s the signal for me, Corgi thinks.

In 1901, Nikola Tesla received a message from Mars.

Now in 2021, Corgi landed on the Mars and give you a signal. A signal calls CORMARS !!

The Signal

CorgionMars (CORMARS) have deflanation tokenmetrics with a lot of profit for holder to ensure that community will grow continuously:

- Charge 10% fee for every transcation.

+ 6% will be burned forever

+ 1% to all holder

+ 4% to Corgi’s Vault. This is a gift from Corgi to people who nearest him. All of it will be distributed to top 5 holder every 2 days. Snapshot will take at 0h00 UTC.

Is it enough?

Nooooo !!

As you see Corgi’s tokenomics, you will realize that marketing funds double than team token.

Yes, but why?

We don’t need money?

No, everyone love money. We and either you also.

In this case we know power of community like retail traders from Reddit, Tiktok, Youtube. We didn’t choose 10% token of project with marketcap 50–100k $. We choose and will take everything to get 3% token of project with marketcap at least 10.000.0000$.

So that marketing funds is bigger than team token

We believe that all of you know what is better. But with our power is not enough, we need you.




Corgi OnMars

Corgi landed on the Mars and waiting you. Mars is very lonely so Corgi will focus on community development